bros1Stelios, Vasilios and Dimitrios Bourakis are founders of the company, started out in the sector about 40 years ago, as an independent merchant selling fruits and vegetables around the weekly market circuit. Blessed with a natural sales talent, an inexhaustible energy for work, and a healthy dose of ambition to succeed, they managed to build up their profile into one wholesale distributor.

In the head office at the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki, position A-10, the company operates a perfectly organized warehousing system.

Also, our packing house in Anhialos of Thessaloniki, enables us to provide our customers with a wide range of always fresh products usually packaged by us.

Bourakis Fruit Company is a medium-sized, flexible organization, which cooperates closely with top partners of good reputation. Due to direct contacts in the most important cultivation areas both in Greece and abroad, we can always respond quickly to new market developments.

Since the business involves packing food, the company believes that the main concern when delivering quality is human health. While meeting our customers’ increasing needs and requirements, providing high quality and hygienic fruit, the company is very sensitive to protect the environment, the security and personal improvement of our team.

Our mission statement:
Bourakis Fruit Company is continuing its operations with the mission: “To submit healthy, reliable and the most qualified products” and focuses on customer satisfaction with its strong controls starting in the field and followed by harvesting, processing, packaging, loading and transportation.

The company’s appeal is modest. But while the company has never aimed to be the biggest, it has always aimed to be the best. By working hard and efficiently, by innovating instead of imitating and by responding more adequately than the competition, the company tries to realize this goal.